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3 Do’s And Don’ts of Handling Drums Using Materials Handling Equ

If you work at a manufacturing unit or factory or even a warehouse where you need to handle a number of drums filled with heavy materials on a daily basis, then you must make it a point to ensure that you handle them with as much safety as is possible. Today, we will take a look at some of the do&rsquo;s and don&rsquo;ts while handling them. Go through the pointers given below to get a better idea about the same:

Even when you have a forklift, it can still be potentially hazardous moving a drum. Hence, make it a point to purchase a drum dolly that specifically meets your requirements. What you can do is to ask the manufacturer or seller to provide you with a sample and try fitting your drums in it and seeing that it works properly for you or not.

Other than purchasing equipments like piano trolley, you can also purchase drums that provide a comfortable grip and don&rsquo;t slip while loading and unloading them. It is better to pay a few dollars more while buying the drums than paying medical expenses later on! Not to mention avoiding hazardous substance spillage from the drums.

You can also make it a point to educate your employees/staff about how to handle various drum dollies and other equipments like pallet truck so as to avoid certain occupational hazard.

These are just some of the things that you need to consider while you handle drums using various materials handling equipment. Keep a close watch over this space for more information regarding similar topics.


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Benefits and Features of Platform Trolley

Platform trolley is one of the most popular material handling equipments to carry stuff from one place to another. Mainly used in factories and warehouses, it reduces the manual effort of the employees to a greater extent.

Manufactured from steel, aluminum or hard plastic materials, platform trolleys are wheeled, which makes it easier to move. Laborers can use the handle to push and move the trolley to destination. It will avoid the need of manual efforts or energy. Added to that, the goods are transported in a hassle free and fast manner.

With versatile features, warehouse trolleys make the lifting and transporting of bulk materials easy. They are available in varied designs, styles and materials. It is up to you to choose the best platform trolley that suits your requirements and budget. For instance, platform trolley with pneumatic wheels is easy to move on uneven surfaces and can carry loads weighing from 500 to 2000 kgs.

It is also said that trolleys equipped with a braking system can be safe to use in the industry or factory premises where there are lot many slopes. You can opt for four tier platform trolley to move bulk material whereas you can buy sugar/salt bag trolley to move 2 sugar bags in the warehouse. Four sided covered platform trolley can be the perfect choice to move delicate objects.

Trolleys prove to be immensely useful as it assist in completing the works quickly, efficiently and safely. Thus, platform trolleys are best if your industrial operations consist of lifting, moving and handling heavy objects.

I hope that aforementioned information will prove helpful to you. Keep watching this space for more information related to similar topics like 3 tier trolleys, conveyors and more.


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Invest In The Best Folding Trolley Carts

There are a number of kinds of trolleys that are used for the movement and storage of materials and goods. Examples of these may be folding hand trolleys, [strong]folding trolley carts[/strong], clearing trolleys, folding platform trolleys, folding hand trolleys, solicitor's court trolleys, tray mobiles, order picking trolleys, chair trolleys, removalist trolleys, eco mail trolleys, folding carts, document trolleys, eco security trolleys etc.

The best part about the trolleys and the materials handling equipment used today is they are designed in such a way that they are easier to use and more efficient than the equipment used some years ago. You can buy [strong]3 tier trolleys[/strong] to make the job easier. This has made the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, storage, recycling and removal of materials and finished goods easy and efficient minimizing the effort required to achieve the maximum amount of work.

There are a lot of options for [strong]bin trolleys[/strong] in Australia. There are a number of companies that deal completely with trolleys and materials handling equipment. This gives them an edge over other companies that deal with a variety of equipment due to developing specialized expertise in what they do. Unlike before, today there are specialized trolleys for different kinds of jobs. Therefore if you are looking for hand trolleys in Sydney, Brisbane or throughout Australia, it would be best to contact a specialized custom manufacturer that designs and supplies trolleys custom made to your specific needs. In today's world specialization is the key to success. Streamlining the range of products helps the manufacturer concentrate on their particular skills and lines of product in a more effective way.


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Different Types of Objects That Can Help In Lifting Heavy Goods

When you want to move the musical instruments such as piano or drum, you can think of buying piano trolley that would make the job easier. There are different types of trolleys available in the market. You should look at the various options and make the right choice. You can buy the right size of piano trolley.

There are many online and offline stores that sell drum dollies. You can look at the various sizes and types available and buy the best drum dolly that serves the purpose. Compare the prices and buy the best one.

Moving heavier things can take longer span of time before one can accomplish a hard job. Our body is designed to carry a certain amount of weight for just a limited time. Hence, one can use pallet trucks to lift such heavy objects. Pallet trucks are built to offer large contribution for a task too heavy for human hands. Despite of pallet trucks coming with different weigh-load capacities, any of which still is capable of moving objects or pallets too heavy even for several hands. This would enable you to have clearer apprehension on why you need pallet trucks for your business.

Pallet trucks come in different styles and designs. One can select the best pallet truck as per the business requirements and needs. All you have to do is put the large objects or pallets on the pallet truck, and then off you go to the place you want the pallets or objects to be transferred.


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6 Benefits You Must Know Before Purchasing Hand Trolley

It is hard to imagine retail outlets, hospitals, small-scale industries, warehouses and so on without hand trolley. They are indispensable for stocking, delivering products or supplies, transporting goods from one place to another especially the bulky equipments. But its use is not confined to this purpose only. It has many advantages attached to it. Take a look at some of them and get a fair idea.

First and foremost, it eases your workload. What I want to convey is that it lifts all the hard and bulky equipments. Hence, you do not have to load them manually and exert very less pressure to transfer the load from one place to another. For. This will help you to put all your energy in other or more important work. This also holds true for a garden cart trolley as well.

It saves a lot of time. You can move bulky equipments in the quickest possible manner. Therefore, these tools are of a great importance in almost each and every industry imaginable. Also, for this purpose, you can also avail a number of specialized trolleys that specifically meet your requirements. This takes us to the next pointer.

Certain trolleys such as collapsible trolley are extremely light in weight and are portable. Moreover, they can be stored away easily once your work is over. Similarly, some trolleys are made especially to be used on different terrains.

I hope that aforementioned benefits will make you realize the importance of various types of trolleys. Keep watching this space for more information related to similar topics


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